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    Job Description for Meet Volunteers

    Volunteering is a large part of the success of the Hurricanes. Volunteer position sign-up will open one week prior to the week's meet. Each family must fill a minimum of 20 points / 5 sessions. 


    Concessions  Works with the Concessions Coordinator, assisting as needed. 1st shift (4-6 pm) Help set up tents, tables, grill, food prep, drinks and sell concessions; 2nd shift (6-8) Help sell, restock and keep the area clean. 3rd shift (8-10 pm) Help sell, restock, take down the tents and clean up. *This is an important source of income for our team.* 


    Bullpen • area behind the swim blocks for each lane. The bullpen volunteer is responsible for: • lining up swimmers as they come to the blocks • working with deck assistant to assure swimmers are lined up • Keep swimmers off starting blocks until starter calls them

    Deck Assistant: Works with bullpens to assure swimmers are present 4-5 heats in advance • “chase” kids from around the pool deck to block as needed

    Lane Judge: Seated at finish line with a volunteer from the other team to place swimmers in order that they finish: recorded on place card • collect the DQ slips from the Referee

    Runner: Retrieves the time sheets from the Timers after each event. This volunteer also picks up the DQ slips and placement slips from Lane Judges; take to Score Keeper; at home meets utilize the basket

    Score Keeper: Receives the time sheets from the Runners, compares the sheets with the opposing team's placements and records the scores on the score sheets. Time sheets are then passed to Data Entry/computer input. Read the score keeper procedure; scorekeeper total the results from each team

    Timer: When the Meet Official sounds the starting tone, the timers start the stopwatches. When the swimmer touches the side of the pool, they stop the stopwatches and record the swimmers time. There will be three timers per lane • Keep swimmers from starting blocks until starter calls them.

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